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Dot by MJ

April 03, 2013

<a target="_blank" href="https://www.popsugar.com/shop?s=Marc+Jacobs+Fragrances&rec=392686725">

I</a> got this cute and nice-smelling perfume sometime in November I think, and I absolutely love it. I'm picky with perfumes because I hate it when they smell fake and heavy, but this one is perfect: sophisticated, a little heavy at first but then very nice and light. Here's the professional description of Dot by Marc Jacobs:
Top notes of the new fragrance DOT incorporate red berries combined with pitaya fruit, known also as dragon fruit. The juicy and exciting opening is followed by a floral trio composed of honeysuckle, jasmine and orange blossom, while a base closes with a trail of coconut water, vanilla, driftwood and sensual musk.
Uhm, yup, that's the smell!

Lily's picks: Forever XXI

March 31, 2013

I love Forever 21! Quality at a great price, and both edgy and sweet clothes. Here are a few nice things I picked out.
xx Lily


March 28, 2013

 think these are gorgeous!

Master of the club

March 19, 2013

Here is my very first pair of Ray Bans! So happy. I only tried on one pair, as I had seen these in the display before and knew which model I wanted... They're of the model clubmaster 3016, kind of dark brown with brass details (not red/blue/green as in the picture, but I thought it looked cool edited that way). Anyone that has Ray Bans?

Retro sunbathing

March 19, 2013

Okay, so this might look a bit strange, but if you want to be bold: throw it all on or keep it cool and throw away the bag and hat!

Love it or leave it: wood wedges?

March 12, 2013


March 10, 2013

I've been a fan of Dr Martens for such a long time now, but I just got my first pair! Or, well alright, I got mine around Christmas, and posted a pic but here's one from the Internet. They're the Cassidy boots with the most awesome subtle yet edgy damask print! I wanted to get something that I could wear with everything, yet not only simple black (which I do love, trust me).
So these babies are mine! Wearing them with jeans or with nylon tights and a skirt, and in summer maybe  with a floral dress and a leather jacket, that is my dream as you might know if you've read this old post;)

Silver Lining

March 08, 2013

I was thrilled to hear that Jennifer Lawrence won an Oscar for Tiffany in Silver Lingins Playbook (which I've already seen twice... yup!)
She looked fabulous as always despite her fall on the way to the stage... She's such an inspiration: no dieting and she does what she wants.
Law You:)

Spring-spiration: Suit up

March 05, 2013

Don't hide in the shadows my friend

March 03, 2013

Copyright Fashionlily! Ask me if you want to copy!

Here's a nail look that I did based on some dying flowers I got two weeks ago, haha:) Hope you like it!


March 03, 2013

I haven't been blogging very much, nor have I been reading other blogs. It's hard to keep your blog up if you don't maintain it, and I simply haven't had time for that. Currently, I am sick as a dog but I can't stay home since I don't want to miss my important classes in school.
I have started to get more and more in love with Urban Decay, and tend to spontaneously buy things I don't really need but want, just like this lipstick:

Urban Decay Super-Saturated High Gloss Lip Color
So I definitely won't post that much until summer, but it doesn't matter anyway:(
xx Lily

Spice it up

February 03, 2013

Let's add some colour to our dark wardrobes this winter!
We all love knitted sweaters, right? Here are some examples of gorgeous sweaters that have so much attitude all you need to pair them with is a pair of jeans and any shoe you want to. The bravest can colour block with bold jeans or high waisted shorts.
xx Lily

Nails fixed

January 19, 2013
Nails fixed
My hands are so dry because of the wintry weather, and it seems like my nails are being affected as well:( I'm going to fix them today anyway, since I just bought a cheap YSL polish (it was a sample I think) xx Lily

Something to hold on to

December 30, 2012

I feel like I might just die of love... for my new Dr. Martens, Naked 2 palette and Dr. Denim jeans (two doctors!). I will probably make an individual post about my eyeshadow palette because it's so perfectly awesome, and maybe another post about Dr. Martens and what to wear them with. These are my first (and hopefully not my last) pair! Matte black with shiny skulls and stuff;D


December 24, 2012
My Christmas nail art. Have a merry Christmas.


December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas

December 21, 2012

RIP babies
Here's an old picture, from last Christmas, when these booties were brand new. They broke like a month ago. And I loved them. So rest in peace :(
And Merry Christmas to everybody else!
(I've been really unactive, but I'll try to update after new year's eve or something. Had my christmas finals. So happy now! Holidays! Wooooop!)
xx Lily

Love it or leave it: UGGS

November 08, 2012

Okay, so I think that every fashionista knows what UGGS are. For those who don't: they're these warm booties (but the brand UGGS makes other shoes and accessories as well).

FYI: I don't own a pair of UGGS.

I don't think they look supergood, but they seem comfy and great for lazy days. They aren't very good for your feet though:/

SO: What do you think?


Running shoes

November 02, 2012

Run for your life.


Parka make me happy

October 29, 2012

Remember last year when I wanted a parka so badly? Well, now I've got one.(http://fashionlily.onsugar.com/Dreaming-Perfect-Jacket-18946997)

How should you wear it? Layers, layers, layersoff course! Wear your parka open with a thin belt at the waist and a knitted sweater under. Perfection, people :D

Get inspired by Burberry's winter 2012 collection!

Have you bought a parka with a huge, fluffy hoodie? That keeps covering your eyes by falling down in front of them? No panic! Wear a beanie under the hoodie and it'll stay up. No onewhat's to see the beanie if you don't want to :)

Xx Lily

Breast cancer awareness month

October 18, 2012
Breast cancer awareness month
My nail art with OPI's Pedal faster suzi as a pink base.

Beauty talk

October 14, 2012

I've been making a lot of beauty-related posts recently, and here's another one... but it probably will be the last for a while:(

Taaj Paris BBcream

  • too dark for my skin tone (I usually am medium)
  • nice and fluid texture
  • SPF 20
  • moisturizing

  • small tube


Garnier BBcream

  • slow-flowing texture that even so doesn't cover imperfections very well
  • doesn't give a dewy skin tone
  • big tube
  • again, too dark for my skin tone (might be my fault this time)


YesTo Carrots colour lip balm

  • soft
  • moisturizing
  • soft hint of colour (I have it in plum as well, it's the most discreet and beautiful shade of dark plum!)
  • long lasting (lip balms last forever...)
  • doesn't have SPF which is a minus


Tweezerman mini tweezers

  • doesn't break the hair
  • pulls it out entirely
  • small, fits in make up bag
  • super cute bumblebee design :D

xx Lily

Yes to... cucumbers!

October 11, 2012

Hello there =D (<--- this type of smiley is the one I used when I was, like, nine...)

After the Urban Decay powder review, here's another one from one of my favourite brands, Yes To! I use their shampoos and shower gels and lip balm and really like it. It's a cruelty-free company, and the Yes to cucumbers products have the cruelty-free bunny on them, but not my shampoos! This made me worried, so I e-mailed their customer service and got an answer to my question two days later : the products made before the PETA-endorsement don't have the stamp on them. Happy happy now :)

Okay, so I'll try to make it short:

  • I bought the travel kit which costs just about as much as the eye gel alone (it's full size)
  • The mint lip butter smells fresh, like if you've just brushed your teeth!
  • The eye gel is kind of gooey and one "dose" from the pump is too much.
  • The towelettes feel nice and cool, but leave a thin layer of something on my face, so I like to splash it with water afterwards.

I use this kit just after PE/gym, when I'm super sweaty so I might feel differently when using it in the morning. 

This is the first Yes to product that I haven't loved :O

xx Lily

</p> </p> </p>

Fall by Cheap Monday

October 10, 2012

Key words:

  • trench coat
  • sporty
  • comfy
  • denim
  • cap
  • grey
  • black
  • white
  • minimalistic

Urban Decay de-slick Mattifying powder

October 07, 2012

Okay, so like I said, this is the first of a few beauty posts I'm preparing for you:) I know that the header says Simply fashion, but beauty is fashion, right?

Here's my review on the Urban Decay powder:

This is what it says about the powder on the Urban Decay site: "Because the formula contains super lightweight, oil-absorbing rice powder, you won't feel the powder, but you'll see the shine-free results. The lavender shade applies invisibly and works on every skin tone, from dark chocolate to palest porcelain."

So it basically is an invisible powder that doesn't look white on your face, but just like your natural skin tone. Because of the rice powder, it absorbs oil. I have rather oily skin in the T-zone but not on my cheeks, so I only apply this only on my nose and forehead. It keeps me shine-free about four to six hours maybe? For a perfect result, I just put some more on whenever I feel I need to.

The powder puff applicator thing is very thin and has a plastic backing, it could have been something better according to me.


  • kept me shine-free for a couple of hours
  • kind of pricey but worth it
  • CRUELTY-FREE!!! Which is a huuuge bonus, it's so hard to find good cruelty-free products according to me!
  • comes in a pretty box, but the puff isn't that good
  • should last quite long, I've used it for a couple of weeks now

Hope this helped every oily face out there :)

xx Lily

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